Yellowstone Itinerary Day 1

Mammoth Hot Springs & Lamar Valley

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Created by The Stoke Fam - September 7th 2019

Yellowstone, which is America's First National Park, is a location that should absolutely be on your bucketlist. It is a massive park with an incredibly diverse landscape that will wow adults and children, alike.

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Roaring Mountain did not actually roar for us, but it got its name because of the sounds it made that could be heard from miles away.

After you visit Roaring Mountain, just past Indian Creek Campground, you'll see a road on your right. Head down the short drive to see Sheapeater Cliffs.

12mi 00h 21m

When we were planning our trip, we expected geysers, animals, and hot springs. We did not, however, expect to see massive canyons. Golden Gate Canyon was truly impressive and worth the drive!

2mi 00h 05m
Photo of Mammoth Hot Springs

Mammoth Hot Springs, Mammoth, WY, US

Mammoth Hot Springs


Mammoth Hot Springs is one of those iconic stops you just must do. You can drive through to see some of the thermal features of this area. However, boardwalks in the area make it easy to explore even more...and we think you should!

4mi 00h 12m
Photo of Boiling River

N. Entrance Rd, MT, US

Boiling River


If you have a chance to experience one of the only hot springs safe enough to get into in the park, you totally should. Our vehicle was too long for the parking area and we weren't able to find an alternate spot, so we headed further down and found a spot where we could park and make our dinner while listening to the river....a good trade off, we think!

3mi 00h 09m
Photo of Roosevelt Arch

Park County, Gardiner, MT, US

Roosevelt Arch


This iconic arch is a quick stop, but one we think you will appreciate.

23mi 00h 46m
Photo of Lamar Valley

NE Entrance Rd, Yellowstone National Park,, WY, US

Lamar Valley

Lamar Valley was my favorite spot to watch for animals. It is also the area where wolves are most likely to be seen. We weren't lucky enough to spot wolves, but we did spot bison, eagles, swans, elk, a fox, and more!

This pass is simply stunning. Our first time through it, it was getting dark after we had watched wildlife in Lamar Valley. We could see the outlines of the mountains and tell where the valleys were below, but knew we weren't getting the full picture, so we made it a point to return on Day 2 and it was !00% worth it!

After you've explored your heart out on your first day in Yellowstone, get some rest and get ready for our epic Day 2!

Banner Photo Credit: The Stoke Fam