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The ultimate Billings brewery tour

These breweries and bars will offer you a true taste of Big Sky Country

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Created by Visit Billings - June 18th 2019

Welcome to the Billings Brew Trail! Unlike any trail you've walked before, this one is full of hops, taps, and worts (don't worry, you'll learn what worts are at one of the stops). Located in the heart of Billings, this stretch of breweries and bars is deemed Montana's only walkable brewery trail. And with all stops being located within just a few miles of each other, you won't have to go far to raise your brew IQ and try some delicious, local pours.

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Located in a large garage right in the heart of downtown Billings, Yellowstone Valley Brewing is both a beer and music lover's paradise. A few nights a week, Yellowstone Valley hosts a variety of local bands, singers, and entertainers. Visitors can take a seat at the bar or outdoors on the patio, sip some beer, and enjoy the soothing sounds of live music. Even the exterior of the building is enjoyable, with a large mural painted along the side (a great place to stop and grab a quick photo). In addition to their wide selection of award-winning beers, Yellowstone Valley also has a distillery on-site, churning out smooth, homemade vodka. So, whether you're feeling a nice amber ale or a tangy lemon drop, there's something for everyone.

Last Chance Pub & Cider Mill

While the word "pub" may conjure up a certain image, the Last Chance Pub & Cider Mill is definitely not what you're expecting. With delicate hanging lights, soft leather chairs, and a beautifully tiled fireplace, you'll feel like you're walking into an upscale restaurant (without the upscale prices). And with a focus on perfect pairings, Last Chance makes a point of serving artisanal food and drinks that wonderfully compliment each other. The menu is constantly changing to reflect both the seasons and new cider rotations. All ciders at Last Chance are made in their onsite mill. Flavors include pear, cherry, apricot, and, of course, apple.

Asylum Distillery

Located in what is commonly referred to as the “Old Spaghetti Depot," Asylum Distillery is one of the few places on our brewery tour that doesn't actually serve brews. Instead, visitors can sample homemade gin, vodka, rum, and Montana moonshine. All spirits are made in-house, and if you buy a bottle, your first drink is free! And if you're wondering where the name came from, you'll just have to ask one of the owners (pro tip: be sure to check out the giant electric chair in the corner).


Billings, MT

Next up is Überbrew, a tap room and full restaurant that offers a variety of dishes, from chicken wings to burgers to salads. But you'd be remiss to not order one of their award-winning sausages. Try the Emerald City, which is an Andouille sausage topped with grilled onions and jalapeno bacon cream cheese. And if you happen to stop by during the week, take advantage of Überbrew's happy hour, which is Monday through Friday from 2 to 5 p.m. During happy hour, you can try a four-beer flight for less than $5, or a $3 pint of their award-winning White Noise Hefeweizen.


Billings, MT

Just a few doors down from Überbrew is Carter's Brewing. Owned and operated by a local family, Carter's sits right along the Billings railroad tracks. Almost everything in the brewery pays homage to the railroad, from the actual building (a former railroad storage facility) to the logo (a toy train) to the beer names (Train Wreck Imperial IPA, Switchyard Scottish Ale, Golden Spike Pilsner). Visitors can even sit outside on the back deck and watch trains rolls by. Choose from the continually rotating selection of beers, or opt for one of Carter's flagship ales, like the De-Railed India Pale Ale.


Billings, MT

Not only will you enjoy delicious beer at Angry Hank's Microbrewery, but you'll also get a kick out of the beer names. Anger Management Belgian-style Wheat, Street Fight Imperial Red, and Head Trauma IPA are just a few of the classics. This garage-turned-brewery now offers outdoor patio seating, as well as free popcorn and peanuts for snacking. A friendly local spot, the staff is both accommodating and extremely knowledgeable, and won't stop until they find a beer to suit your liking.

Thirsty Street Brewing Company

What sets Thirsty Street Brewing Company apart from some of the other stops on our tour is the condition of its brews—each beer comes from all-natural, unfiltered kegs. On any given day, Thirsty Street typically has 15 to 20 different beers on tap, ranging from light sours to dark stouts. There are also plenty of things to keep you entertained while you're here. The space has a large game room filled with pool tables, shuffleboard, darts, and a big-screen TV.

Montana Brewing Company

One thing is for sure—the selection at Montana Brewing Company is unrivaled. Beyond the traditional beer and wine offerings, this local hot-spot has some pretty adventurous drinks, including a Whiskey Margarita and a Chocolate Manhattan. And after a long day of walking, exploring, and tasting, Montana Brewing Company is the perfect place to wrap our brew tour and celebrate with a hearty meal. It's open until 2 a.m., so you can spend a long time enjoying their Fried Enchilada Bites, Rocky Crab Mac, and Downtown B-Town Nachos.

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From crisp ciders, to smooth wheats, to golden ales, this little stretch of downtown Billings is quickly becoming a beer-lovers dream. Whether you make it to one or all of the stops, you're bound to be welcomed with local friendliness, a bit of Billings history, and, of course, a wide array of beverages. Click here to learn more about the official Billings Brew Trail.

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