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Peer into the heavens with this stellar stargazing guide

Here's where to have a star party of your very own

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Created by Airstream - August 22nd 2019

There are few experiences as universally inspiring as looking up at the stars on a clear night. It has sparked all kinds of creativity and discovery, from poems and songs to scientific innovations. The night sky may be endangered by low air quality and light pollution, but between Dark Sky Preserves, observatories, and star parties and other gatherings of passionate amateur astronomers, there are still plenty of places to catch a glimpse of the heavens or peer deep into our galaxy. You just have to know where to look to find a good patch of dark sky, since crowded spots are naturally less ideal.

If you're interested in the science of space, looking to add perspective on how small we are in comparison to the universe, or you just want to feed your imagination, here are a few of the best spots for stargazing across the country.

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