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Salida, CO captures the heart and soul of the Rockies

Nestled among granite peaks is a picture-perfect hidden gem of a mountain town

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Created by Airstream - January 3rd 2019

Salida is, in a word, authentic. For many of us, Colorado's Rocky Mountains evoke images of twangy country music and cowboys throwing back whiskey. In Salida, not only do you get that experience, but you can also see the guitars and whiskey being crafted by hand. The fact that it's all set in one of Colorado's largest National Historic Districts—a picturesque Victorian downtown surrounded by mountains—adds to the atmosphere. Since the town is smack dab in the heart of the Rockies, it's also a hub for outdoor adventure. And once you've had your fill of hiking and rafting in the fresh Colorado air, unwind with a soak in the hot springs in town or a scenic drive up Tenderfoot Mountain. Pure perfection.

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Banner Photo Credit: Yellow Feather Photography


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