Eyre Peninsula Seafood Frontier Touring Route

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Created by Roadtrippers Australasia - September 10th 2018

Follow Eyre Peninsula’s stunning coastline as you swim with sea lions, cage dive with great white sharks, or set out on a fishing charter. Indulge in Australia’s best seafood straight from the ocean as you make your way through this ultimate seafood safari.

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Whyalla Wildlife Encounters

Both on land and at sea, there’s plenty of wildlife activity to be seen here. The surrounding coast is home to Whyalla’s friendly pod of resident dolphins and giant cuttlefish, and on land you can find an incredible array of birdlife and native marsupials.

Snorkel or dive in the protected waters of Stony Point in Whyalla and witness an amazing natural wonder as Australian giant cuttlefish, the chameleons of the sea, change colour right before your eyes. Globally unique to the waters of Whyalla, these curious creatures attract guests from far and wide.

Call the Whyalla Visitor Information Centre to find out how to book your magical experience. Make sure you plan ahead though, as the giant cuttlefish migration period is from May to August. You don't want to miss all the action!

Turners Oysters & Seafood

The waters surrounding Cowell have earned it the reputation of being one of the best fishing destinations in the state! No luck fishing? You can purchase fresh oysters and seafood at Turners Oysters and Seafood Shop. Cowell is the gateway to Eyre Peninsula’s famous oyster growing region, providing oysters to restaurants and outlets all over the world. Turners Oysters is a family-operated farm where you can purchase them fresh from the sea or tour their land based facility to understand the farming and grading systems. They have whole or open fresh, smoked and pickled oysters, oyster kebabs, oyster pies and Oysters Kilpatrick or Mornay, plus a range of local seafood. And it’s easy to find on the aptly named Oyster Drive!

Mt Millar Wind Farm

Did you know that when wind speed doubles, the power available for generation increases eight times? You will learn all that and more when on a free tour at the Mt Millar Wind Farm. The 35 wind turbines generate up to 70 megawatts of electricity and are an impressive place to pull over between Cowell and Tumby Bay, stretch the legs and feel the wind in your hair. If you’re hot after all that wind then take a swim at Lucky Bay.

Visit the tiny coastal town of Tumby Bay and fill your Instagram with a kaleidoscope of larger-than-life murals painted on everything from the local hotel to the enormous grain silos.

Early in 2018, artist Martín Ron and painter Matt Gorrick set up shop in Tumby Bay, taking 400 hours and 420 litres of paint to transform the town’s silos into a monumental mural.

What followed was the inaugural Colour Tumby Street Art Festival, which brought together a dynamic combination of Australian street artists, curated by epic street art agency Juddy Roller, who turned the town into an outdoor gallery, beautifying empty spaces one dexterous stroke at a time.

Adventure Bay Charters

This heart-stopping adventure is one for the bucket list! Rising sharply from the deep water in the Spencer Gulf, the remote, wind-swept Neptune Islands are the setting for one of the world’s greatest underwater adventurers: cage diving with great white sharks.

Eyre Peninsula is one of the few places in the world – and the only one in Australia – where you can come face-to-face with these predators of the deep in their natural environment. Great white sharks can grow up to seven metres long and can weigh more than 3000 kilograms.

Don’t want to enter the cage? Then jump in the world’s first shark Aqua Sub, a revolutionary new way to view great whites in their natural habitat while staying completely dry! There's a glass viewing area with an incredible 360-degree underwater panorama.

Pre-book your expedition with one of three operators based in Port Lincoln for an unforgettable experience.

Calypso Star Charters.

Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions.

Get your 4WD ready to encounter some of the most scenic coastline you'll ever see! Lincoln National Park overlooks Boston Bay, the largest natural harbour in Australia, with its granite headlands, sheltered bays, rugged offshore islands, secluded white sandy beaches, wind-sculptured sand dunes of the Sleaford-Wanna dune system and the pounding surf of the Southern Ocean. There is plenty to see and do in Lincoln National Park and the Memory Cove Wilderness Protection Area. Swimming, snorkeling, fishing, boating, beach-combing, bird watching, hiking and nature walks are all popular activities. Campgrounds in the park offer easy access to the beaches, bays and walking trails, with some accessible by 2WD.

Vehicle entry needs to be paid prior to arrival. Book online to buy day entry for your vehicle, or pay in person at:

Port Lincoln Natural Resources Centre: Level 1, 86 Liverpool Street, Port Lincoln, SA, 5606. 08 8625 3144

Port Lincoln Visitor information Centre: 3 Adelaide Place, Port Lincoln, SA, 5606. 08 8683 3544

The Fresh Fish Place

Treat yourself to the highest quality seafood with Port Lincoln's impressive dining options. For a unique fish and chip experience, head to The Fresh Fish Place. Set up by a ex-commercial fisherman, the place lives up to its name, with the fish often being caught the same day. Their seafood all comes from sustainably managed fisheries too. You can choose to eat in at their café, or to have a classic fish and chips takeaway experience and head to Billy Lights Point for some ocean views. Or head down Proper Bay Road until you hit the ocean and marvel at where your dinner came from. Alternatively, for a high-end dining experience in Port Lincoln, The Line & Label will not disappoint.


"Line & Label summer fish" Photo Credit: Line & Label

Beer Garden Brewing

After all your feasting, wash it down at Beer Garden Brewing, a family-owned and operated regional craft brewery, using local grains and brewing on their premises.

The beaches throughout Coffin Bay National Park are truly second-to-none, making this the perfect place to have a beaching and seafood-ing adventure! Beach bums take note: Almonta Beach or Avoid Bay should be your first port of call (and don't be put off by the name Avoid!). While in the area, you can learn about harvesting the famous Coffin Bay Oysters and sample a few fresh ones on a tour of the farm. If you prefer to stay out of the water, head over to 1802 Oyster Bar for a great selection of raw and cooked oysters.

Vehicle entry needs to be paid prior to arrival. Book online to buy day entry for your vehicle or pay in person at:

Beachcomber Café. 113 Esplanade, Coffin Bay, SA, 5607. 08 8685 4057


"1802 Oyster Bar" Photo Credit: 1802 Oyster Bar

Elliston Coastal Trail

Pack your lunch and go trekking on the 13.6km Elliston Coastal Trail, which reveals some of the most dramatic coastlines the Eyre Peninsula has to offer. Lock’s Well beach falls just short of the trail, but can be noted as one of Australia’s great salmon fishing destinations.

Adjacent to the spectacular Talia Beach, a walkway provides access onto the rocks to view the magnificent Woolshed Cave, a large cavern sculpted from the granite cliff by wave action. Not far away is The Tub, a large crater with a tunnel connection to the sea and granite base, much like a bathtub!

Murphys Haystacks

Located at Mortana, between Streaky Bay and Port Kenny, Murphy’s Haystacks are ancient and enormous pink granite rock compositions that make for an exceptional stop-off point to take photographs and enjoy the landscape. After exploring this geographical wonder, drop in to the legendary Port Kenny Hotel, a local hidden gem where the seafood is as fresh as it gets.

Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience

Now this is an adventure to write home about! Swim side by-side with the friendly Australian sea lions and bottlenose dolphins as they curiously come out to greet you in the crystal clear waters of Baird Bay. In the winter months you can also book a spectacular whale watching tour.

Streaky Bay Seafood

If you love your seafood, then this place will be your heaven on earth. Purchase everything from abalone to Spencer Gulf king prawns, to Moreton Bay bugs, to blue swimmer crabs, to freshly shucked oysters. The only question is, how will you cook yours? If you need a day out of the kitchen then delight in fish and chips cooked to perfection and served from the epic food van 'Fish Fix' right out in front of the store!

EP Cruises

EP Cruises specialise in whale watching, marine life interactions and seafood tours on Eyre Peninsula’s West Coast. Be sure to try the prestigious culinary seafood experience, ‘Ocean to Plate,’ a five-hour ultimate hunter gather cruise where seafood is harvested from the waters of Streaky Bay, prepared by the onboard chef and served up with crisp local wines. Passengers are given the opportunity to join the skipper and crew in the water with snorkel gear for gathering oysters, blue crab or abalone from the ocean floor or a rod and reel to catch tommies, salmon and garfish from the back of the boat.

Ceduna Aboriginal Arts And Culture Centre

Find artwork, pottery, artefacts, and textiles from more than 130 local artists from the Far West Coast of Eyre Peninsula, whose works are strongly influenced by their deep connection to the land. The scope ranges from the red desert sands to the crystal blue waters of the unique coastline.

Lake MacDonnell

A beautiful lake that’s pink? See for yourself this natural salmon-pink wonder caused by the lake’s high salt concentration.

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Banner Photo Credit: Carl Charter