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Rhythm Roadie

Follow AJ, Willie and Taylor tripping to Taupo, Roto-vegas, Tauranga and back.

  • 9
  • 08:38
  • 440 mi
  • $117

Created by Roadtrippers Australasia - November 6th 2017

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Auckland, N NZ

We know you want to get out of the city as fast as possible but are you ready to be slicked up in a very tight mud onesie? Is your heart in good shape to reach terminal velocity plummeting to earth attached to a big hankie (parachute) and not freak out? Yeah. We thought so. First you’ve got to get your behind into the gym.


Auckland, N

Rhythm & Vines and Ludus Magnus have created the gnarliest of shredding routines to get yourself fest-ready. They can’t guarantee you’ll be able to lift your boutique, small batch, hibiscus infused craft beer to your lips afterwards but they can guarantee you’ll feel super stoked if you push yourself through it.


"Beer pong challenge @ the Taupo Urban Backpackers "

Some people reckon skydiving’s better than sex. It’s definitely the closest thing you get to flying as a two-legged, wingless human even if you’re strapped to a stranger. And when you’re 12,000 feet up you can imagine just how epic the world’s most violent volcanic eruption must have been to create the huge Lake Taupo below you.

Mudtopia is utter mudness. Based in mud capital, Rotorua, this festival is a place to party, play and get pampered. While music is a fun aspect, it’s really the muddy mayhem that attracts, and organisers have not held back. And you’re here for a whole day.



Astrolabe Brew Bar say they're world famous, we reckon it’s almost a national treasure with the DJ pumping from a caravan inside the bar, and it’s whacky weird eclectic interior. Plus there’s the vast range of beer to get excited about, and equally vast pizzas. We plan to lose some hours here.

You can’t visit The Mount and not mount this mighty steep beast. Especially when you’re hungover as it makes the view from 232 metres up that much sweeter. Or sweatier!

Soul Burger, with its hand made meat or vegan patties stuffed into a gourmet burger will crank up your spirits. It's a must stop.


Auckland, N

And we’re ending with a party in one of Auckland’s best, tucked away, totally luxe drinking holes to party like it's 1885.

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