So, axe throwing is a thing now, and it looks kinda fun

Scary, but fun.

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Created by Anna Hider - March 7th 2017

Bowling and darts are fun, social, and often boozy activities that make for a great night out. But if you find yourself wanting a touch of danger to go with your night on the town.. then you might want to look into axe throwing. It's exactly what it sounds like... you and your friends rent out lanes, get some snacks, and go head-to-head (next to each other, of course) hurling hatchets full force at a wooden target for points.

Not surprisingly, this... rustic trend started in Canada, which is where the Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL) originated and is based. But, now that the Canadians have tested the sport, perfected it, and made sure that it isn't too dangerous (thank God), axe throwing venues have started making their way south into the US. Here are a few premier places to try your hand at axe throwing, and maybe burn off a little steam. Or rage.

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Louisville, KY

Flying Axes brings the subtle, delicate art of axe throwing to the Louisville region. They host a league, as well as walk-in times when you can bring a group of friends to throw down for a little friendly competition. It's be $80 to rent a 4-person lane for an hour, and you can bring in food, so it's perfect for a group date or a fun group bonding activity.

Axe Monkeys

Axe throwing definitely seems like it would be a popular activity in Las Vegas, so it's no wonder that British Columbia-based Axe Monkeys opened an outpost in Sin City. Allowing ages 7 and up to learn the ancient art of axe throwing, Axe Monkeys has a pretty thorough experience. Trainers will teach you how to throw an axe, and will even demonstrate trick shots for you. They also feature a variety of axes to try. You can't drink before or during an axe throwing session, so you'll want wait to hit the Strip until after you're done here, but you can come watch the fun free of cost!

Bad Axe Throwing Chicago

Axe throwing and puns apparently go together like Canada and hockey... so Bad Axe Throwing in Chicago gets bonus points for the name. This is another chain with locations all across Canada, so they're old pros at the axe throwing game. Lessons, leagues, and events keep things fresh and exciting for axe throwing pros and newbies alike.

Hatchets & Hops

What could be better than hatchet hurling? Hatchet hurling with beer, of course. Hatchets & Hops in Buffalo plans to add craft beer and small plates (in a separate bar area) to their offerings soon, playing into their theory that axe throwing is a "raw but sophisticated" activity best shared with a tight community. You and five of your friends will definitely have an experience that will surely keep you coming back for more.


Philadelphia, PA

Urban Axes is where Philly goes to unwind with some hatchet hurling. They have walk-in sessions several times a week, in case you're looking to try your hand at it before you book a group event... or practice for an event you've already booked so you look like some kind of modern-day Viking/axe throwing prodigy.

Stumpy's Hatchet House

You'd be hard-pressed to find an axe throwing joint with a better name than Stumpy's Hatchet House... don't be alarmed, though. Stumpy's is totally legit. With a perfectly rustic atmosphere and reasonably priced hatchet throwing lanes, it's no wonder that Eatontown has quickly grown to love this joint. Feel free to bring along a picture of someone (a boss, or an ex, maybe) to put over the target... it might help your aim!

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