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The Roadtrippers Holiday Pub Crawl

Celebrating holiday cheer.... with lots of beer!

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Created by Anna Hider - December 1st 2016

It's that time of year again! You know, when we celebrate Baby Jesus by eating fried chicken, giving each other strange and vaguely mean presents, and drinking until we puke. But we do it as a work family, and it's special, dammit! Here's the evening's itinerary:

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Cincinnati, OH

We'll start at the office for the Dirty Santa/White Elephant/whatever you want to call it. I'm expecting everyone to bring their worst for this! And, of course, there will be beer and cocktails available to pregame. And food. Richie's, the perfect prelude to a classy evening.

Milton's The Prospect Hill Tavern

Next we'll head to Milton's for a few rounds of shuffleboard. Bring money for the jukebox so that John can curate a nice playlist for us.

Liberty's Bar and Bottle

Then we'll move on to Liberty's. Personally, I'm hoping they have some tasty juice on tap, and that the descriptions of their wine are as eccentric as ever.

As a wise man once said, "My saddle's waitin', come and jump on it."

The Pony OTR

Cincinnati, OH


Cincinnati, OH

Next, we'll enjoy some cheap Hudys, shots of whiskey, and cheese fries, served to us by the kind freaks at MOTR.

Goodfellas Pizzeria

We'll probably need breadsticks by this point. And cocktails.

Japps Since 1879

I'm looking forward to enjoying a drink that tastes like a grandpa at Japps. It's a tradition.

Pinball is like beer pong... we all think we're better at it when we're drunk, which we will be by this point.

Pins Mechanical Company

Cincinnati, OH


Mr. Pitiful's

Just being real, here, but I don't think we'll make it this far, so this is a reach stop. If we do, we should all encourage Sion to get into a dance-off with random patrons.

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Then we can go back to the office to hopefully kill the keg. Seriously, it better be empty by the time we're done.

Anna Hider

Just a Civil War beard enthusiast, writer at Roadtrippers, and aspiring astronaut reaching for the stars.

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