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The ultimate guide to hot springs in the Northern Rockies

This winter, bask in the thermal warmth of a natural hot spring!

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Created by RoadtrippersCanada - November 22nd 2016

The idea of taking a winter vacation within Canada might seem counterintuitive at first-- why spend your valuable time off travelling somewhere that's even snowier and more freezing?-- but winter is actually a beautiful season for the Canadian Rockies... and it's the best time to fully appreciate what the hot springs in the region have to offer. There are four major hot springs hotspots in the Rockies, each more stunning (and steamy) than the last.

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The first is Banff Upper Hot Springs. They're the only hot springs you'll find in the mountainous paradise that is Banff National Park (seriously, Banff might be heaven on Earth). People have been coming to this particular pool for over one hundred years to soak in the mineral-y goodness of the natural spring water. You'll usually find the water to be between 98 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and it comes loaded with sulphate, calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium, and sodium, among other natural minerals. Bonus: these are the highest hot springs in Canada by elevation, so you'll get some pretty rad views while you enjoy a morning dip.

Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park is home to Lussier Hot Springs, which provides a bit of a different experience. The area is undeveloped, which means no bathhouses or facilities... but if you want a really natural hot spring soak, then you should definitely check it out. These pools require a bit of a hike to reach, but it's worth it. Plus, the water here is some of the hottest you'll find around, reaching temps around 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

Radium Hot Springs is another natural swimming experience, located in nearby Kootenay National Park. First Nations people have been coming here for generations to bathe in the healing waters of the underground springs, and the first permanent pool and bathhouse were installed in 1914-- it's been a popular destination for tourists ever since. There's even a "cool pool"... because everyone knows that jumping into cold water after soaking in a warm bath feels extra awesome!

Miette Hot Springs is another spring pool you'll find in the Canadian Rockies. It's inside Jasper National Park, so you're still getting the gorgeous views of Canada's most stunning natural spots while you bathe, and it features temperatures comparable to Radium and Banff springs, but with a higher concentration of minerals-- they're supposed to be excellent for your skin and overall health, and are reported to have rejuvenating properties. It's the perfect stop after an afternoon of hiking in Jasper!

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