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These US towns have elected cute animals as politicians

Animals.... We truly don't deserve them.

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Created by Roadtrippers - November 9th 2016

In this day and age, most of us have a healthy distrust and disapproval for our elected officials. We’re left wishing we could find a good leader- a leader we could love. Some towns have found just such leaders to handle the important affairs of the town… their pets. These furry friends have been heralded as loyal and dependable animal politicians in these five towns, all of which I am looking at moving to.

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Rabbit Hash General Store

Rabbit Hash first rose to national prominence after a television documentary about Rabbit Hash ("Center of the Universe") picked up on its election of a canine mayor in 1999. Goofy, the first mayor, served admirably until a new mayor was elected. Unfortunately, the next mayor, Junior, was involved in a political battle with the health department during his term. Today, Lucy Lou, a border collie, runs herd over this quaint town. When she's not busy smashing glass ceilings (she's their first female mayor), she can found around town. The famed Rabbit Hash General Store suffered a fire, but under Lucy's leadership, it'll be built back in no time.

Terlingua Trading Co.

If you’re worried about a mayor saying, “yes” to every proposal, perhaps a mayor that can only say, “nayyy” is who your city should elect. The little town of Lajitas, Texas stood behind Mayor Clay Henry III, the beer-drinking goat for years. Unfortunately, Mayor Henry is no longer with us, and his mayoral home/pen has since been closed. You can, however, see him in all of his stuffed glory at the Terlingua Trading Co.

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Bosco's Bones & Brews

For over a decade, Bosco Ramos, an adorable Labrador and Rottweiler mix, stood over the sleepy town of Sunol keeping all safe. He showed his true leadership as he sat and wept with his townspeople after a destructive fire. Bosco passed away peacefully in the mid 1990s, but his town remembers him with a statue and even a restaurant & bar, Bosco's Bones & Brews, honoring their beloved former leader.

Photo Credit: AndrewKeenanRichardson

Eastsound, Washington

Residents of Eastsound decided not too many years ago to use their mayoral election to raise money for a local charity, the Orca Island Children's House. While a dollar a vote sounds like a corruption of the electoral process, one could argue it’s not too different than making regular campaign contributions, anyways. 2014's elected official was Jack, a Golden Retriever and blind visionary, and Lewis the dog is their current mayor... and the cool thing is that the office isn't only open to cute dogs. A cow served as mayor for a year, as has a whale named Granny, and even birds and newts have run.

Eastsound, Washington, United States

Talkeetna, Alaska

In 1997 the unincorporated town of Talkeetna, Alaska decided upon a most curious mayor- Stubbs the cat. Today Stubbs keeps a close eye on the town by protecting it from mice and stray dogs. With nine lives, it is safe to say Stubbs will be the mayor of Talkeetna for many years to come.

Talkeetna, Alaska, United States

Photo Credit: Jenni Konrad

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