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Incredible caving adventures around central Pennsylvania

Explore the geological beauty of PA caves and caverns.

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Created by Pennsylvania - September 15th 2016

Get ready for a rockin’ time at some of Pennsylvania’s most breathtaking caverns. From all-water caverns to cave campgrounds and striking geological formations, this cave-lover's road trip through central Pennsylvania will leave you spellbound. Get ready to head underground and into a whole new world!

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Hellertown, PA

A lucky discovery helped put Lost River Caverns on the map. In 1883, workers were beginning to break ground on a limestone quarry, when they discovered a hidden cave. They added railings, walkways, and lights, and the cave is now a show cave that we can visit today. This spectacular limestone cavern is still in pristine condition, with no bats or other animals residing within. The cavern has had many alternate uses over the years, including a short stint as a ballroom, the remains of which can be seen in the Cavern Chapel during your excursion. The entry fee is $12.50, which includes a guided tour. Make sure to bring a sweater or jacket, as the cavern stays at a chilly 52 degrees.

Crystal Cave

Known as the most popular attraction in Pennsylvania, Crystal Cave is a must-see on your cave trip. The cave was named after the delicate, shining calcium crystals that cover the cave. It is also home to beautiful flowstone formations, as well as the imposing stalactites and stalagmites that often come to mind when you think about a cave. Admission is $10 and includes a guided tour. The facility also has a gemstone panning area for kids, as well as a miniature golf course, so you’ll have plenty to do!

Indian Echo Caverns

Located right outside Lancaster is yet another lovely cave to add to your to-visit list. Indian Echo Caverns hosts a one-hour tour with funny and knowledgeable tour guides. To access the cavern, you must go up and down a pretty hefty staircase, but the rest of the cave tour is easy walking. It’s a great stop on a hot summer day, as the cave is 50 degrees year-round! Outside the caverns, you’ll find a picnic area as well as a petting zoo. Kids will enjoy the Gem Junction playground and the fun mining activities that are also located at Indian Echo.

Discovered in 1930 and 1941, respectively, Lincoln Caverns and Whisper Rocks are a testament to the beauty that Mother Nature can create over time. The cave is home to multiple “rooms,” as well as winding pathways that lead you past some truly spectacular formations. Make sure to check out the annual Ghosts and Goblins Tour, a haunted tour inside the caverns, complete with a hayride.

Penns Cave

Located in central Pennsylvania is the nation’s only all-water cave and wildlife park. Penns Cave gives you an unmatched look at an underground stream, with a one-hour motorboat tour of the premises. As you ride along with your tour guide, you will be able to see the cave’s geologic formations as well as a variety of fish swimming throughout! They also have a variety of activities for all to enjoy, including a Mining Maze, a Cave Rock Mountain Tour, and even a Cave Café, where you can get a bison or longhorn burger.

Woodward Cave & Campground

Make sure to end your trip at Woodward Cave and Campground, one of the largest caverns in Pennsylvania. Woodward is known for its 5 spectacular rooms, each with unique features. The Ballroom was originally used for banquets and square dances when the cave was first discovered, and the Hall of Statues features a 14-foot high stalagmite known as the “Tower of Babel.” Your tour will end with the Upper Room, a spectacular “cathedral” with a ceiling over 60 feet high. The cave is also home to a 13-acre campsite for you to spend your final night on your trip.

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A trip across Pennsylvania wouldn’t be complete without visiting some of its most beautiful geologic features. As you explore below the state’s surface, you’ll get a totally unique look at the history, natural science, and stunning beauty of Pennsylvania. Whether you stop at one or all of them, these caves are a fun adventure for everyone.


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