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A ghost-lover's guide to Austin's most haunted hotspots

Welcome to Spooky Town.

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Created by Austin - August 17th 2016

Austin, Texas is home to amazing BBQ, great live music, and quite a few restless spirits. If you love ghost hunting, then this city is your paranormal playground. From cheap thrills to genuine horrors, Austin has everything you need to get your scare on.

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Austin, TX


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Known as the most haunted building in Austin, the Driskill Hotel is your place to stay during your paranormal trip. The hotel was built in 1886 for cattle baron Jesse Driskill, and hauntings have been reported ever since. Ghost sightings include a young child walking around the hotel and bouncing a ball in the lobby, and Driskill himself, leaving behind the scent of cigar smoke. In addition to ghosts, the hotel is known for its luxurious amenities, including upscale dining options, distinctive décor, and relaxing spa services. If you’re in for an extra scare, ask to stay in a haunted room: room 525 is reportedly the best place to experience some paranormal activity, as it's rumored that two different brides died in the room’s bathtub, 20 years apart.

Omni Hotel Austin Downtown

Another sleeping option for your trip is the Omni Hotel Austin Downtown. This sleek high-rise is a far cry from the luxe, vintage feel of the Driskill, but it still has its fair share of creepies. A man named Jack, who died years ago, is said to haunt the hotel. Jack never paid his tab, so his name is still in the computer log, and many say that they can hear him in his room at night. You can stay in a room next to his and find out for yourself!

Oakwood Cemetery

The oldest cemetery in Austin is sure to have some spirits roaming its grounds. Oakwood Cemetery is located right in Austin’s city center. It covers more than 40 acres, and includes sections for African American, Latino, and Jewish graves. There have been hundreds of accounts of ghost sightings, and many ghost hunters have captured paranormal phenomena with equipment. The cemetery’s ghostly activity reportedly increases at night, so be sure to check it out after dark… if you dare!


Austin, TX


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Rumor has it that there are a few apparitions haunting Austin’s Inn at Pearl Street. The Inn was built in 1896 as a private home, and fell into disrepair until it was renovated in the 1990s. The inn is said to be home to a ghost of a woman carrying a child who walks the grounds; she’s even been seen sitting in a rocking chair. There also have been reports of strange noises, music, and lights even when the electricity is off and the place is empty. If that doesn’t convince you to book a stay, the inn also happens to be a posh boutique hotel complete with personalized accommodations (breakfast included) and a unique wedding venue.

Texas State Capitol

The state’s capitol building is said to have a few resident spirits, such as the ghost of Comptroller Robert Marshall Love, who was shot at his desk in the building. There also have been accounts of a woman wearing red haunting the third floor of the dome, where she hides in a secret stairwell waiting to meet her lover. In addition to the hauntings, the building is an architectural gem that offers multiple tours recounting Texas history that the whole family will enjoy. Make sure to walk the building grounds to enjoy the beautiful landscaping, too.

Governor's Mansion

The Governor’s Mansion is also home to some restless spirits. During the term of Governor Pendleton Murrah, a young man who was courting the governor’s niece came for a visit died in a guest room. After his death, strange noises were heard in the room, and it was sealed off… until forty years later, when the room was reopened. Not surprisingly, people still reported hearing strange noises. The mansion is also known to be haunted by former Texas governor Sam Houston. Multiple people have reported seeing him in his old bedroom.


Austin, TX

The culmination of your haunted trip around Austin is an experience with Austin Ghost Tours. The company offers 90-minute tours of the city’s most haunted areas, including a few places we’ve mentioned here. Austin Ghost Tours offers both walking tours and private tours that are guaranteed to chill you to the bone. Book them on their website.

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From spurned lovers to famous historical spirits to mysterious figures, the ghosts of Austin are a strange, and lively bunch who are doing their part to keep Austin spooky. While a paranormal experience isn’t guaranteed, you’re sure to find some fascinating history and plenty of creepy vibes along the way.


The secret is out. Everyone who visits Austin leaves with something great to say. They can't stop talking about our legendary live music, burgeoning restaurant scene and unique culture. And a list of other things that you have to experience for yourself to truly understand what makes Austin so Austin.