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My Epic Road Trip

Beaches, deserts, and waterfalls

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Created by wharriswalker - July 19th 2016

For my roadtrip, I'd want to go to some of my favorite places - stopping at some new places that I've always wanted to see along the way.

Now, I call Washington home, but, as a kid, I dreamed of living here and giving back to the country that's given so much to me.

Somehow, I spent my entire childhood and college years in North Carolina, but never made it over the border to Nashville. As a lover of all things music, I'd just love to experience a city so rich in its American story.

I'd love to see and understand what makes Texas so unique - in addition to being fascinated by the life and unfortunate death of President John F. Kennedy.

I travel to Santa Fe a fair bit for work, but I don't always really get the time to enjoy it - much less explore by car. I love the city and its rich history and beautiful sites.

I find San Francisco to be one of the most beautiful cities in the country, but I just haven't gotten enough time there, so I'd love to end up there and spend a few days exploring all that it and the surrounding area have to offer.

After all of that, I'll probably fly back to DC very fulfilled from the journey of a lifetime.