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My Epic Road Trip

Beaches, deserts, and waterfalls

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  • 31:02
  • 1,937 mi
  • $318
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Created by leicaphotos - July 16th 2016

As a native Memphian, all things start and end with my home town, we have rock and roll, blues and soul and unbeatable food. Needless to say, the road trip starts with a drive around town. I am a travel photographer and love any opportunity to travel. I usually go the road less taken as I find it leads to a more enjoyable experience.

Memphis starts off at sunrise with a quick photo of Sun Studios and Stax Museum. Let's get this trip started.

It may take me a few days longer than most to arrive at my first destination as I am one to pull the car over and take photos of storms, landscapes, people. I like to wander, so I might not be the most enjoyable person for the passengers to ride with.

487mi 08h 06m

Ft. Walton Beach Florida will take most of a week for me. This particular place has fond memories harkening back to my childhood. We would load up in the faux wood panel station wagon and spend a week here every year in my childhood. The beach is an excellent way to start as my first destination on my ultimate road trip. The seafood, the fishing, the water park in destin, walking along the beach. Tranquility abounds.

468mi 07h 05m

I have a cemetery to photograph. I have food to eat. This beautiful southern gothic paradise is calling my name. Again, lots of stops for photography between Ft. Walton and Savannah. Ride or die, folks.

251mi 03h 49m

Another close southern paradise. I have photos to take, enjoy the local food, meet up with friends, probably 3 or 4 days and still not enough time to see everything I need to see.

203mi 03h 43m

A quick hop to Gatlinburg for the mountains, the fall landscape, rock city, lots of enjoyable weather.

524mi 08h 19m

To photograph the Arch at both sunrise and sunset while planning a nice drive homeward down 64 is the perfect end to a road trip. Of course, I'll stay a day or three here to photograph the life of ST. Louis, catch a Cardinals game, enjoy some of the local food, see old friends, and find a local photographer to show me around.

and finally home again. Time for a refreshing breakfast at Bryant's. Time to get home and edit my images and relax.

And here you have my ultimate spontaneous roadtrip of the Southeastern United states. It will certainly be unpredictable and filled with adventure.