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My Epic Road Trip

Beaches, deserts, and waterfalls

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Created by BobbiJaneTucker - July 15th 2016

I'm Bobbi Jane Tucker and would love to take this trip for my 40th Birthday 4/20/2017! I've never seen these areas of the USA as I grew up in the West, Arizona. I've done a lot of traveling but have not seen the South. I'm a photographer, Way Out West Photography, and enjoy exploring off the beaten path!

My childhood best friend lives in New Orleans! Never been to Louisiana.

My cousin and her family lives in Pensacola. I haven't seen since her since I photographed her wedding in 2012! Never been to Florida...

Gray, Georgia, United States

My 4-H leader from childhood lives in Gray. I've only been to the Atlanta airport. Would love to see Georgia's countryside!

I've photographed the sweetest couple in May 2016 when they eloped to Prescott, Arizona. They live in Louisville, Kentucky. Never been to Kentucky so must visit them while I'm out that way!

Florissant, Missouri, United States

Another sweet couple I meet this year. They were visiting Arizona and got engaged at the Grand Canyon. Then they wanted engagement photos so we meet up in Jerome & Sedona Arizona. Stop in to visit and see more of Missouri!

This would be an EPIC 40TH Birthday. My friends call my roadtrips "Bobbi Adventures"! #wayoutwest #bobbiadventure