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My Epic Road Trip

From west to Central. The sights only get better.

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Created by tbartels - July 15th 2016

Photo of Sweet Creek Falls

Sweet Creek Road, Mapleton, OR, US

Sweet Creek Falls

Photo of Lava Hotsprings

430 East Main, Lava Hot Springs, ID, US

Lava Hotsprings

A lovely display of many waterfalls along a creek-like trail. You won't strain your knees, and you'll stay extra cool and shaded while you enjoy one of the best (multiple) waterfall sites Oregon has to offer. If you keep driving west, you'll get a nice tour of the ocean as well!

47 Lakeside Road, Cody, WY, US

Buffalo Bill State Park

A hidden gem of the west, these natural hot springs are right off of a hiking trail. There is also hot springs where you pay, but we preferred the latter. The sights near these hot springs are rolling hills, a train sound in the distance, and many nice locals from the town. We enjoyed this location at the end of summer, when the fall colors start to roll in.

21020 Sd Hwy 240, Interior, SD, US

The Badlands

Another hidden gem outside of the ever-popular Yellowstone. This was discovered right outside of a tourist town. It features campsites along the lake, and if you stay up late or get up early, you can witness the different pinks, oranges, and yellows that reflect on the hills in the distance. This will forever be my favorite campsite of the west, because its not too popular, and the views are breathtaking.

Photo of Devil's Lake State Park

S5975 Park Rd., Baraboo, WI, US

Devil's Lake State Park

Also a popular destination out west, this site is best seen in the early morning or right before sunset. It features miles of prickly hills that offer the most comforting silence, sounds of the west winds, and views you can't imagine. The lighting is best in the early morning or late at night, to enjoy the complexity of the hills even more!

A great central location in Wisconsin, Devil's lake offers: climbing, hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking, and more! The red rock against the lush green atmosphere and blue water make this a great place to see. The summit hikes are amazing (a little peace away from the crowds) and offer some alternative views of the beautiful Wisconsin landscape.