2017 Summer Trip with 14,000 Magnificent Miles

  • 44
  • 221:12
  • 13,995 mi
  • $2114
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Created by Jaelynn Watterson - July 13th 2016

This Is My Summer Trip For Next Year. So I planned Another One Which Is More Longer than the one I just took. I wanted to Visit More States On This Trip. I'll Also Cross Into One Province of Canada.

via US-101 S & El Camino Real

202mi 03h 15m

This Is Where The Golden Gate Bridge Is!

394mi 06h 29m

Home Of The Casinos and Resorts!

335mi 05h 19m

Where Kristofer Maigue Lives!

630mi 09h 25m

Home of Thenewangrybirds99swell!

862mi 12h 40m

Vice City!

via US-19 N

31mi 00h 32m
84mi 01h 18m

Disney World!

397mi 06h 11m

The Capitol!