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My Epic Road Trip

Beaches, deserts, and waterfalls

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Created by NicoletteJacques - July 12th 2016

Shoshone Falls, Idaho, United States

1695 Malibu Pr NE, Richland, WA, US

Bookwalter Winery

It was so beautiful there any no one was there since it was a weekday, we were the only ones! It's very peaceful and a good place to go if you want to get away and catch some nice views.

308 S 24th St, Boise, ID, US

Brown Shuga Soul Food

Very good wine and a beautiful vineyard!

Photo of Arches National Park

N Highway 191, Moab, UT, US

Arches National Park

Very delicious!

Photo of Hanging Lake

Glenwood Springs, CO, US

Hanging Lake

Such a beautiful place! This was my first time here and I'm so glad I was able to make it because it was definitely worthwhile!

This is a beautiful hike! You hike up to the top and right at the top is this wonderful turquoise lake! The hike can be a little rough in the winter but it's definitely worth making it if you can!