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Say Cheese!

Let's take a drive through the land of the brie and the home of the fromage frais!

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Created by Sandy Wich - July 12th 2016

America is such a great place for a grilled cheese to live! With so many various cheese, bread and grilled cheese places, it would be so hard to narrow everything down to one trip. I think this trip would help entertain, educate and expand the mind of every young grilled cheese out there. Enjoy!

Check website - changes daily, New York, NY, US

Milk Truck Grilled Cheese

This place is a great example of how much grilled cheese can accomplish through collaboration and innovation. The types of grilled cheese here are insanely awesome - but I'm partial to my best friend, Bacon Cheddar Blue (love you, girl!). There are always a few hipsters around, but that just adds to the general flavor of the place. It's so heartwarming to come here - you can tell that everyone here truly cares about the betterment of grilled cheeses everywhere.

12 W Main St, Cuba, NY, US

Cuba Cheese Museum

I love this place! The Cuba Cheese Museum does an excellent job of telling the storied past of cheese in Cuba. My great-grandpa actually makes a surprise appearance in some of their wall art, and I got to see the cheese waxing supplies that helped him become the cheese I always admired! It's fascinating to see this history and learn about how different our ancestors were. The cheese shop next store is also really cool, I've met some of my best friends there.

6250 Camp Industrial Rd, Solon, OH, US

Schwebel Baking Co-Solon Bakery

At some point in their lives, every grilled cheese wonders what they'd be like if they were born with a different bread. My experience at Schwebel Bakery helped open my mind and relate more to all the other types of grilled cheese out there. What a wonderful way to expand myself. The tour of the bakery was informative, expansive, and made me prouder of the grilled cheese I am today. I learned so much about the history of bread making and the complexities that go into this delicious art form - henceforth, I learned about myself.

668 US Hwy 250 E, Ashland, OH, US

Grandpa's Cheese Barn Inc

"Pull over." I demanded from my (at the time) boyfriend. He looked confused, and said no. "I see a sign for Grandpa's Cheesebarn," I explained patiently, "Pull over." He again refused, as we were already late. I grabbed the wheel and jerked the car off the exit towards that heavenly sign.

One near death experience and short breakup later, I was at Grandpa's Cheesebarn. I don't like to exaggerate, but it's safe to say that Grandpa's Cheesebarn is a little slice of Havarti Heaven on Earth. They sell local cheese, smoked cheese, cheese curds, Amish milk cheese - the cheese of your wildest imagination. This place gets packed with randos, but I'm perfectly comfortable throwing a few elbows to get to my cheese. They have a ton of free samples, but I ended up maxing out my credit card making sure I didn't miss anything. It was worth it.

Grandpa Yarman is Willy Wonka, and this place is the Chocolate Factory of cheese.

Photo of Giant Campbell's Tomato Soup Can

12772 State Route 110, Napoleon, OH, US

Giant Campbell's Tomato Soup Can

Everyone knows that the relationship between tomato soup and grilled cheeses is both delicate and complex. That being said, I think it's important for every grilled cheese to fully understand how our natural counterparts work. This giant can of tomato soup reminds of both of soup's awesome power and our own responsibilities. We have to work together to avoid mutual destruction, and I think that this monument serves as a wonderful testament to that.

Also my pictures in front of this always turn out GREAT! They usually end up being my profile pic - totally worth the drive off the highway.

561 S Main St, Frankenmuth, MI, US

Frankenmuth Cheese Haus

This place, like the rest of Frankenmuth, is adorable! I love how quaint this place is. All the cheeses have wonderful customer service - they are so nice and committed to making your experience here awesome. The Cheese Haus has a HUGE variety of cheese, as different ones show up throughout the season. It's also always fun to take your picture with the giant mouse and cheese outside the Cheese Haus! It's definitely a bit touristy, but it's still one of my favorite cheese destinations.

Harris Park, Dodgeville, WI, US

Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Championship

My favorite event of the year - The Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Championship is so much fun. You can always sense the spirit of competition, but still mutual support, in the air. I'd definitely recommend picking up a VIP ticket so you can meet with the sandwiches in competition. With some of the coolest grilled cheeses around, it's also a great place to pick up a date ;) There are several different brackets of competition, such as Professional and Amateur classic, so every grilled cheese has a fair shot of taking home the gold. Great beer tent too!

"If adventures will not withfall a young grilled cheese in her own village, she must seek them abroad." I truly believe this statement. Grilled cheeses are never really complete - we must constantly work to grow our experiences by seeing the world. This helps us become the best we can be.

Sandy Wich

I'm a classic grilled cheese with a taste for adventure.