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My Epic Road Trip

Beaches, deserts, and waterfalls

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Created by Sean - July 12th 2016

Some places I've been, some I've never been. Another excuse to be on the move and travel wide open spaces.

Death Valley, California, United States

The desert. Really desert. But, at the right time of year, life everywhere. I've kept moving until I've ended up in the Pacific Northwest, but the lonely desert still calls.

Great Basin, Nevada, United States

A hidden gem in the national parks, not a lot of traffic. Open high desert and mountain peaks, and one of the best dark sky locations for gazing into the universe.

Trains, skiing, rafting, not far from Mesa Verde. Something for any taste.

Never been here, but this just seems like a place your should go at least once, no matter who you are.

Birthplace of Buddy Holly. I'm a musician, and he's one of the godfathers of us all. Such a lasting influence from a tragically short career.

William Least Heat-Moon (Blue Highways) wrote that the west eats up not miles but time when you drive across it. Maybe that's why I like traveling the west more than any other region, I send time feeling the time around me rather than just slogging through the miles.


Musician and artist. Love the solitary, lonesome places off the freeways.