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South Florida to Utah - my favorite stops

  • 13
  • 48:03
  • 2,929 mi
  • $480
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Created by Courtney - July 11th 2016

I recently did this trip because I was working in the Everglades and changed jobs to work at Capitol Reef National Park. It was beautiful and there are so many amazing places to see along the way.

Everglades National Park, Florida, United States

341mi 05h 10m

Definitely stop in the Everglades, but only between November and April. It takes time to explore the park, but it will be well worth it. Also, make sure to take advantage of ranger programs, especially a "Slough Slog". You'll get wet, but you have to in order to see the beauty of the Slough...

174mi 02h 40m

What a lively little city! Definitely worth a stop and a stroll through the old town with it's Spanish architecture, impressive fortress, and, of course, the over-the-top Flagler college.

376mi 06h 18m

Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, United States


I knew Savannah would be awesome, but not this awesome. Gorgeous architecture, tons of beautiful trees, and a super fun river front. Restoration work is amazing, with block after block of these wonderful homes. A little yuppie at times, but overwhelming redeeming qualities.

59mi 01h 41m

Slept at a campground outside the city. Driving through it looks pretty cool, and the campground was perfect!

731mi 11h 16m

I wish I had at least a week here. Up and down and snow and sun, there are so many amazing trails and scenic views. White-knuckle roads, for sure.

624mi 09h 36m

Recommended by a friend, it has a really gorgeous 23 mile scenic drive. Monuments are basically national parks without Congressional approval.

37mi 00h 50m

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, United States


The city is nice for walking around, but a little yuppie for me. After driving through flat states for so long, I really appreciated the mountains. There's a grateful dead bar near the campus and it was SO FUN! It was also ladies night which meant ladies drink for free. Yes. I had to ask twice to make sure I heard correctly.

186mi 03h 36m

Independence Pass, Colorado, United States


I got really really lucky this year and was there in time for the synchronized fireflies. Thousands of fireflies blink and then turn off at the same time, so it's a constant cycle of pitch black and pale, flashing yellow. One of the most amazing things I've ever seen.

158mi 02h 55m

Colorado National Monument, Colorado, United States


I work here and it is awesome. Seriously, a hidden gem. Make sure to stay overnight, preferably at the beautiful campground in the middle of the park (no hookups). Note: you must like hiking to enjoy this park to its fullest, but there's some cool cultural sites, too.

96mi 01h 32m
Photo of Arches National Park

N Highway 191, Moab, UT, US

Arches National Park

141mi 02h 30m

16 Scenic Dr, Torrey, UT, US

Capitol Reef National Park

Skip the main downtown area and go straight to East Knoxville. Extremely hipster, but it a wonderful music-craft-beer-hidden-treasure kind of way. Shhhh


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