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Solo roadtripping

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Created by edurison - July 11th 2016

Two summers ago, I drove cross-country on my own on my summer break as a teacher. It was the most liberating experience and I would encourage others to consider a solo road trip of their own!

Chicago was amazing simply because of the number of fun things you could do for free. A friend lives there and we spent an entire day exploring the city while spending almost no money. Going to the "beach" in a major city is a unique experience too.

Omaha was my first experience using AirBnB, and it was a positive one. The city is clean, the people are kind, and the food is tasty.

Photo of Badlands National Park

25216 Ben Reifel Road, Interior, SD, US

Badlands National Park

Simply beautiful. It is hard to describe, but the landforms are a natural work of art.

Photo of Mount Rushmore

13000 SD Highway 244, Keystone, SD, US

Mount Rushmore

It might seem like it's going to be a silly tourist trap, but Mount Rushmore really is worth the trip. The site is patriotic, educational, and visited by people from all over the world. The surrounding area of South Dakota is gorgeous and is just one ongoing beautiful drive.

Denver is one of my favorite U.S. cities. The beer scene, the nature scene, the number of people who are simply out in the world enjoying all it has to offer--it is a true gem of a city.

My road trip included quite a few more cities, but this summary shows one small fraction of the country that was filled with nonstop adventure! It was incredible driving and actually watching the terrain transform with each mile. Epic for sure :)