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My Epic Road Trip

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Created by stokes15 - July 11th 2016

Hello!! This is an all time favorite road trip of many I have taken. Try it out and see why I have enjoyed it :)

Seattle is so full of fun adventures between portland Oregon and here. These are the biggest cities to visit on the upper north coast. My favorite part is the downtown market, and all the fun activities you can enjoy while you visit. Like seahawks game, basball game, add your delicious piece of gum to the lovely gum wall.

I went through here or anther city when I was younger doing a road trip with my mom and sister when I was younger but the beauty of the mountains covered in white and the steep of the mountains made it look magnificent. One town I will never forget.

Usa / Aspen /Europa, Aspen, CO, US

Ski Vale

We visit here going through and I have always called it Vale Colorado but I guess it's Aspen. Anyways we went there in the summer time, but some place I'm dying to go back to during the snow season and try out their slopes during that season!

Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States

You cannot miss out on this fun national landscape. It's breathtaking view seeing as far as your eye can see, but don't stand too close or you'll end at the bottom of the river that is waaaaaaayyyyy at the bottom. One trip you won't wanna miss.