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My Epic Road Trip

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Created by JenniferMelroy - July 10th 2016

I like to claim I got lost on my way home from my internship in Colorado. I finished up my internship and need to head back to college and somehow ended up driving through Utah to get home. In reality, I knew what I was doing. I had been obsessed with visiting Zion National Park and had taken the internship for the sole reason of justifying the visit to Zion.

Photo of Arches National Park

N Highway 191, Moab, UT, US

Arches National Park

Arches National Park was my first stop on my Utah road trip. I loved hiking through the maze of rock and finding all the hidden arches around the park. I loved getting to watch the sunset from behind the arches.

Photo of Canyonlands National Park

I got to explore two amazing sections of Canyonlands National Park. I went hiking in Needles district and then exploring on the Island of Sky.

Photo of Capitol Reef National Park

16 Scenic Dr, Torrey, UT, US

Capitol Reef National Park

I think this park is the most underrated park in Utah. It has amazing colors and great hiking but gets neglected when compared to the other four amazing parks.

Photo of Bryce Canyon National Park

Highway 63, UT, US

Bryce Canyon National Park

I loved watching the sunrise and sunset over the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon. I completed the hike the hoodoos challenge and combined several of the trails to make a large loops.

Photo of Zion National Park

1 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale, UT, US

Zion National Park

Zion didn't disappoint during my visit. Angel's Landing exceed expectations. The view took my breath away and made the drive over worth the effort it took me to get there.

I can't wait to head back to Utah for another road trip to these great national parks.