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Tammy's dream roadtrip

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Created by Tammy - July 10th 2016

There isn't much my favorite places have in common but I love them all for their own treasures.

Eureka Springs is the most charming place I have ever been. It's beautifully located in the Ozark mountains and is full of beautiful Victorian buildings. I stayed at the 1886 Crescent hotel, which is full of interesting history.

Carthage, Missouri, United States

Carthage is must stop for me because of the Precious Moments park and chapel. The grounds are absolutely breathtaking.

Who wouldn't want to visit where Elvis called home?

I think Niagara Falls is probably the most beautiful and awe inspiring place in the world

I'm so in love with NYC. I love the sights, sounds, smells and just everything about the Big Apple.

Like I said my favorite places aren't anything a like but they each offer a wonderful time.