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My Epic Road Trip

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Created by adamscottgray - July 10th 2016

We have some pretty amazing jobs that allow us to travel freely and work from wherever we are. We recently had a baby and wanted her to become a part of our lives. We love traveling and would like to find a trip that we can keep moving, even with a small child.

My wife and I got engaged in Austin and would love to come spend more time in the city listening to great music and eating tons of delicious BBQ.

Another music capital we would love to explore. We want to experience the country side of the music industry.

Traveling to the east coast during the fall is a dream come true for anyone.

Portland, Maine has so much charm and class and a slower pace. A nice way to wrap up an amazing trip.

There is so much to see in this world. So many people feel limited by the fact that they have children but we'd like it to just enhance the time we spend traveling together as a new family.