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My Epic Road Trip

On a quest to 50X30.

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Created by skawabata - July 10th 2016

I've set a goal to visit all 50 states by my 30th birthday. I'm a bit more then halfway finished and I have 2 years left. Knocking out a chunk of states in one amazing road trip is not only a fun idea, but also a way to knock out several states in one trip!


Besides being a state that takes a terribly long time to spell, Mississippi has a capital that is full of history and also delicious food. It feels like a great start to a Southern road trip!

In the interest of full disclosure, I've been to New Orleans. Several Times. It is my favorite city in America. The way it smells, the music in the streets, the food, good lord the food. It's all amazing and unique. The people who live there are welcoming and so so proud of their city and I just love that. New Orleans is amazing and I want everyone to know that.

I've never been to Alabama, and I love beaches. So Gulf Shores seems like a great place to go. It's home to a great musical history and I am excited to learn more about it. Also, again, the beach.

SAVANNAH! It is my dream to visit this city. It's the epitome of Southern culture, and it seems like the kind of place that could only be made up in dreams. But it's real! There is so much to see and eat and do. Bless.

I would round out the trip with time in Charleston. I've never been to SC, but it's home to some of my favorite things. My teenage years were spent reading Sarah Dessen Novels (always set in SC) and watching One Tree Hill (filmed in Charleston) so it seems like this is a natural way to end a trip through the south.