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My Epic Road Trip

  • 5
  • 11:15
  • 676 mi
  • $112
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Created by starsbuck - July 10th 2016

First RoadTrip, First impressions of the USA, route 66, Los Angeles, Death Valley..

Zabriskie Point, California, United States

First day in the desert, impressive view...

414mi 06h 34m
Photo of The Grand Canyon National Park

450 AZ-64, Grand Canyon Village, AZ, US

The Grand Canyon National Park


What about The Grand Canyon? In winter, it really worth the view, I have found myself sitting for hours looking at the horizon waiting for the sunset

133mi 02h 25m
Photo of Horseshoe Bend

Highway 89, Page, AZ, US

Horseshoe Bend


Such an incredible place too, Arizona is probably one of the most wonderful state of the America to visit. The sunset again, really worth the wait

6mi 00h 07m
Photo of Antelope Canyon

Page, AZ, US

Antelope Canyon


Peaceful and zen, no more words to say about it....

122mi 02h 10m
Photo of Monument Valley

U.S. 163 Scenic, Oljato-Monument Valley, AZ, US

Monument Valley

Probably the most famous place of the United States. Epic View....

My first roadtrip to the United State, and still the better one since.... Such powerful memories there.