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My Epic Road Trip

5 Places Where My Life Changed & My Wanderlust Grew

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Created by LaurenBlake - July 10th 2016

You know those places that have a sentimental feeling behind them? These are my places.

Junction Bridge, Little Rock, AR, US

Junction Bridge

The challenge: we drove from Chicago to Dallas and back in 4 days. Not a lot of time for sightseeing. But we did make a stop in Little Rock and it was my favorite part of the trip. What a beautiful area in such an unexpected place.

1796 21st Ave S, Nashville, TN, US

Pancake Pantry

The first time I traveled alone I went to see friends who went to school in Nashville. They raved about this place, and I know why! I can't wait to go back to such a wonderful city and eat here again. Worth the wait!

Photo of Atlantis Waterpark Hotel & Suites

1570 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy, Wisconsin Dells, WI, US

Atlantis Waterpark Hotel & Suites


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The first roadtrip my boyfriend and I took was from Chicago to Wisconsin Dells. Traveling together is the best test of a relationship, right?

233 S Wacker Dr, 103rd Floor, Chicago, IL, US

Willis Tower & Chicago Skydeck

When my mother and I came on vacation to Chicago when I was in middle school, I fell in love with the city. The Sears Tower (then, and forever!) was on the top of our list to see. Years later when I moved to the city, and needed a job during college, I got hired at the very place that sparked our tourist interest. This place means so much to me on so many different levels and will always hold a place in my heart.

100 Legends Way, Boston, MA, US

TD Garden

When we first met, my boyfriend and I bonded over our love of hockey. And although we love two very different teams, when we got the opportunity to visit "tha gahden" together, it was a big part of him learning about where I grew up.