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My Epic Road Trip

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Created by msmary1962 - July 10th 2016

Trips in Our Future

We love the beach in the winter, not as many people, great shelling and much more affordable.

We have never been to Savannah but it is one of the places I really want to visit, there are so many places in your own state that many have never visited.

We have a trip planned here for October and I can't wait to take my husband to the Opry and all the other fun places.

We spent two days here year before last and with the free bus and almost everything within walking distance it was a great trip for someone who is disabled. We have plans to go back and try to do things like see the aquarium and ride the river boat.

I have visited twice but my husband has not been yet so we are planning on a trip for the two of us so that he can experience the NOLA fun and adventure. I want to do a swamp tour and maybe a haunted tour depending on what they have that isn't all walking.

Since John can't drive much anymore we are learning how to use Megabus to make traveling easier and MUCH less expensive.