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My Epic Road Trip

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Created by ZacharyEstel - July 10th 2016

Some of America's greatest natural wonders are located in parts of the southwest and the watershed of the Colorado River. In 2014, I went on a roadtrip from West Virginia to Los Angeles, CA and it was by far the most epic journey I've ever gone through in my life. In between WV and LA, I visited St. Louis, Kansas City, and Denver before got into the Rocky Mountain National Park. Arches, Bryce Canyon, Zion, and the Grand Canyon we're the other National Parks I stopped at before spending 4 nights in Las Vegas. After staying in Vegas, I made my way down I-15 and stayed 4 nights in Los Angeles!

Photo of Rocky Mountain National Park

1000 US Highway 36, Estes Park, CO, US

Rocky Mountain National Park

Photo of Arches National Park

N Highway 191, Moab, UT, US

Arches National Park

Photo of Bryce Canyon National Park

Highway 63, UT, US

Bryce Canyon National Park

Photo of Zion National Park

1 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale, UT, US

Zion National Park

Photo of The Grand Canyon National Park

450 AZ-64, Grand Canyon Village, AZ, US

The Grand Canyon National Park