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My Epic Road Trip

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Created by Mary Beth - July 10th 2016

Burning Man and Family tour

Black Rock, Nevada, United States

dream trip to see my family

Rosamond, California, United States

I love Burning Man! It is the place where 70,000 of my closest friends live. No matter how bad the weather, it's always the best place to be. My favorite gated community.

Home of my childhood. I spent the first 21 years of my life here. I need to feel my roots again and visit the place that made me who I am. Little, dry community in the desert.

Ah, Monterey. My home for 25 years. I love the cool ocean breezes, the wonderful people, great food and beautiful views. Both of my children were born here. I still have friends that I'd like to reconnect with.

Cool, funky, hippie! Love Santa Cruz for laid back people, music, food, fun and sand. Oh, and the shopping is great too. My wonderful son is lucky enough to live here. Let's go to the Boardwalk!

The other City by the Bay. Love Oakland's vibe. Great food, artsy folks everywhere. Music venues, shopping, fun! Plus my daughter lives here so we'd hit all the funky places.

Mary Beth

retired. cat lover. RV'er.