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My Epic Road Trip

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Created by dcox - July 10th 2016


Seeing the monuments and spending more time traversing the countryside surrounding Rapid City; a perfect starting point for My Epic Road Trip West and North-by-Northwest!

Having traveled through Montana two years ago, we had such a limited opportunity, more time to see Billings and savor the beautiful Big Sky Country is nothing short of my thoughts for a perfect Epic Road Trip excursion!

As a child, I had the opportunity to visit Montana and my heart has never left! Two years ago my husband and I had an opportunity to spend a few days traveling through Glacier Park and stayed just south of Kalispell. Too short of time and more sites to see, a perfect epic road trip stop off!

Having been just south of Seattle as a child, I have always wanted to visit --- this epic road trip, with destination Denali, would be the perfect opportunity!

247 George Parks Highway, Healy, AK, US

Denali Park


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Having worked for USFWS as a historical transcriptionist, I fell in love with all that they did to preserve this wonderful country! Through the voices of each Fish and Wildlife Service person, it captured my heart and it has become my hope that one day I can do a road trip journey to this wonderful place!

This would be the ultimate journey --- My Epic Road Trip of a Lifetime