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Nature & sun - road trip

hikes + sun + golf + beach + incredible views

  • 6
  • 19:46
  • 1,160 mi
  • $189
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Created by luana96 - July 10th 2016

In this road trip I combine my love to nature, beach and California!

Photo of Yosemite Village

Village Dr, Yosemite Valley, CA, US

Yosemite Village

I'd start this trip with a good hike in the Yosemite Nationalpark. The views will take your breath away!

202mi 04h 03m

Surfing in Santa Cruz is next on my list. I'd eat seafood in Santa Cruz, for sure. Followed by a ride down the coast of California to the next stop.

255mi 04h 17m

My trip would be followed by a relaxing beach day in Santa Barbara!

204mi 03h 16m

How about a round of golf at the Escena Golf Club in Palm Springs? Or a hike at Ruth Hardy Park?

268mi 04h 20m

Amazing food, a trip to the zoo, an air balloon ride or more golf. In Phoenix everyone will find something to do.

229mi 03h 50m

Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States

The end of the trip: The Grand Canyon. As a German I know this is the second most popular place Germans think of when the think about the U.S. (right after New York City!) The Grand Canyon is simply beyond your imagination and you have to go and experience it yourself!

This is my "Nature & sun - road trip" starting witht Yosemite National and ending with the Grand Canyon!