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Sharon's Road Trip Adventure

Vermont to Colorado

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Created by sharon.omalley2 - July 10th 2016

Spider Web Farm Rd, Williamstown, Vermont United States

The spider web farm in Williamstown Vermont is a fantastic stop. Not only do you get to see a unique artist at work, but you can bring a piece of art work home. The artist is a fantastic person who has been spider web harvesting for a long time. He is a great person to talk to with a great personality. He will give you a tour and show you how he captures the webs and safely removes the workers (AKA as spiders) from their webs to harvest. Very cool and unique stop.

Photo of Eternal Flame Falls

Eternal Flame Hiking Trail, Orchard Park, NY, US

Eternal Flame Falls

Eternal flames falls is a destination for all. The best time to go would be in the spring when the snow is melting. A natural gas leak is what makes this mysterious flame glow. As most phenomenons go, there is a story behind this unique stop. The eternal flame is said to represent the love of a widower for his beloved wife. The hike to the falls is short but beautiful.

Photo of Skyline Drive

Skyline Drive, Front Royal, VA, US

Skyline Drive

Skyline Drive runs along the Blue Ridge Mountains in Shenandoah National Park. It's the only public road through a national park. Each with a more beautiful view than the next. White tailed deer, red tailed hawks, black bears, and many other call the park surrounding this road home. Stop at any of the 75 scenic overlooks for a break.

Photo of Great Smoky Mountains National Park

107 Park Headquarters Road, Gatlinburg, TN, US

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a scenic place to get lost in. Explore the trails on foot, on bike, or by horse back. During the summer months, don't miss the annual firefly synchronization phenomenon.

78 Chestnut Hill Rd, Crossville, TN, US

Chestnut Hill Winery

Chestnut Hill Winery is a great little gem located in Tennessee. The wine's here at this location are delicious. There's something for everyone. It's located close to Crossville which has the largest tree house in the world. It stands at 10 stories high.

Photo of White Sands National Monument

Highway US-70, Alamogordo, NM, US

White Sands National Monument

White Sands national Monument is rolling hills of beautiful white sand. Explore the dunes by walking, or grab a sled or a snow board and slide down the hills.

Nederland, Colorado, United States

Nederlands is a quirky little town known for it's hippie atmosphere. Visit in March for an extra unique experience at the Frozen Dead Guy Days festival. Where homemade coffins are raced and an actual frozen dead guy is placed on show. The legend has it a man who had lived there preserved his grandfather in manner which kept him frozen. Once he left, he left behind grandfather. The grandfather is now a big part of this quirky community. If you're looking to visit in the summer don't miss Nedfest. An annual music festival featuring local folk bands, craft beer, and local crafts.