My Epic Road Trip

This Is My Summer Trip (May 20-July 12, 2016)

  • 27
  • 216:21
  • 13,511 mi
  • $2024
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Created by Jaelynn Watterson - July 10th 2016

I did a Loop Around The Country Starting From Los Angeles CA to San Francisco CA to Evanston WY to Cody WY to Bozeman MT to Jackson WY and more to come!

151mi 02h 28m

Adams, Wisconsin, United States

140mi 02h 24m

Butler, Wisconsin, United States

181mi 03h 12m

Mc Gregor, Iowa, United States

170mi 02h 45m

East Dubuque, Illinois, United States

168mi 02h 48m

Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, United States

226mi 03h 49m

Escanaba, Michigan, United States