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EPIC roadtrip goodness.

aka Stephanie checks off a bunch of items on the Bucket List.

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Created by stephanieperrotti - July 9th 2016

Now that I'm 28, I've finally realized that it's time to start doing the things that I really want to do. No more holding back! I would love to take this road trip because it would allow me to see the beauty of America in several of it's national parks. These have been on my "Bucket List" for some time now and it would be a dream come true to finally get to these places.

Photo of Rocky Mountain National Park

1000 US Highway 36, Estes Park, CO, US

Rocky Mountain National Park

People always tell me that I look like I should live in Colorado. I think this is mostly because I am so outdoorsy. To me, this park has always looked fake because the images I see online are so beautiful, it's hard to imagine that a place could be real. I want to hike this area badly.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, United States

Boulder seems like a really cool town for outdoorsy people like me. I would love to check out the restaurants in the area, as well as take advantage of some of the local entertainment, such as music venues and vintage shops!

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United States

Every single person that I've met who has been to Jackson Hole says it's a magical place. I want to see cowboy country! Maybe get myself a pair of boots... or two.

Is a description even needed for this one? Yellowstone is mystical. I've never been, of course, but it's another one of those places I can't imagine seeing in real life. I want to get to Yellowstone soon because I'm worried about global climate change. Sadly, places like this may not be around forever.

Big sky country! I would love to end my trip in West Glacier, Montana because it would allow me to see Glacier National Park and see the mountains. I'd love to see the stars at night when I'm far removed from the city lights.