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My Epic Road Trip

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Created by jdsiii - July 9th 2016

Roadtrip - Spring Break 2014

Newberg, Oregon, United States

Leave from home

Day of driving...lunch in Klamath Falls, sightseeing in northern California, dinner/stay in Reno for the night.

Day of driving and sightseeing. Tonopah, NV and Las Vegas on the way to Hoover Dam and finish the day in Kingman, AZ. Stay in the Route 66 historic El Trovatore motel.

Grand Canyon for a few hours in the morning, late lunch in Flagstaff, dinner/night in Albuquerque. Long day.

Traveling along some roads that have seen many better days, lunch in Dalhart, TX at a Dairy Queen where you have to straddle the toilet to wash your hands in the sink. Then through Liberal, KS and on to Dodge City. Arrived!