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My Epic Road Trip

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  • 21:04
  • 1,318 mi
  • $215
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Created by seb146 - July 9th 2016

Breathtaking Stops

Sedona is at the southern end of Oak Creek Canyon. Hairpin turns and beauty abound on the drive. Sedona itself is quiet and relaxed and charming. The people are friendly and there is much to see. Hikes and art galleries and fabled power points around town as well as the famous Chapel Of The Holy Cross. Just before sunset, many people drive to the airport, located on a mesa south of town, to witness the sun cast it's surreal and ultra orange glow across the valley.

413mi 06h 32m

One of the oldest settlements in the United States, Santa Fe still has that old world charm. The capital of New Mexico and home to the Palace Of Governors, Santa Fe also has modern art galleries and many tourist destinations including Loretto Chapel which has the fabled "Stairway To Heaven."

389mi 06h 04m

With the Rocky Mountains to the west and Great Plains to the east, there is so much to see and do in Denver. Hiking, shopping, museums, and concerts and famed Red Rocks.

383mi 06h 13m

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, United States


Driving up to Mount Rushmore is spectacular. Fluttering aspen trees and gorgeous views of the Badlands make it well worth the trip.

130mi 02h 15m

Devils Tower, Wyoming, United States

Another stunning drive to another stunning landmark. Devils Tower is like a sentinel standing watch over the relatively flat lands of northeast Wyoming. Mystical and enchanting, the drive to and hike around Devils Tower is a wonder to behold.

Driving through the wide open spaces of the Rocky Mountain region gives a person time to reflect and think and relax. There are many relaxing places around the country but the road trip I have planned out adds a sense of wonder and magic also.