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My Epic Road Trip

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Created by wstanley - July 9th 2016

I like road trips and seeing new places. Or even places I've been to before, because every trip is different.

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, United States

Arches, Utah, United States

The cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde are amazing. It's a wonder to think about how the people lived so long ago in this are.

Canyonlands, Utah, United States

Arches National Park is fun. There are great little trails to go on and rock formations to see. Jeeping around Moab is a blast, too.

Mount Evans, Colorado, United States

It's a beautiful canyon. It's the beginning of the Grand Canyon and in many ways is even prettier.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, Colorado United States

You can drive almost to the top of the 14,000+ foot mountain.
From there, it's just a little hike to the top. Last time we were there, we saw lots of baby mountain goats!

Rocky Mountain National Park is very pretty. There are elk every time we go there. Sometimes bighorn, too. The drive up over the top is fun to do and the scenery is fantastic. Estes Park has a lot of fun little shops, too.