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My Epic Road Trip

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Created by KhrystsinaW - July 9th 2016

I relocated from NY to CA, and on the way visited some amazing places.

Zion National Park, Utah, United States

Zion was fabulous! If you are like me, and traveling to many national parks, buy a yearly pass. Zion has amazing trails, but be aware of rattle snakes, I saw one crossing my trail.

Bryce Canyon was my most favorite park so far. There are plenty of trails to choose from, both easy and more difficult. I started with Navajo Trail, on to the more strenuous one, Peek-A-Boo Trail and finishing with Queens Garden Trail. Overall, a bit over 8 miles :) In one day you can see so much! I did not see any snakes, which was a benefit!

Garden of Gods, Manitou Springs, Colorado United States

Garden of Gods was an incredible stop. Located about 60 miles outside of Denver, the park is a peaceful getaway from hustle and bustle. The views are amazing, and the trails are easy and w/c accessible. Rock climbers were everywhere! I looked down once and decided to get off the large rock I was sitting on!

Photo of Badlands National Park

25216 Ben Reifel Road, Interior, SD, US

Badlands National Park

After a required cup of coffee at Starbucks to get the day going, I headed 60 miles away from Rapid City, SD, to Badlands National Park. Located at exit 110 on the eastbound I-90, Badlands National Park is known for its enormous size and beauty. One thing I knew before I came to Badlands... Rattlesnakes, and lots of them, as described by other people. Indeed, there are signs like this all over warning people of possible unpleasant encounters with this creature. Hence, I decided not to hike, and just drive along the nicely paved loop stopping along the way. It worked out fabulously!

Photo of Falls Park

131 E Falls Park Dr, Sioux Falls, SD, US

Falls Park

fter breakfast I headed to my first destination for the day: The Falls Park. I generally like water-related sightseeing, but waterfalls are my weak spot. The park was moderately crowded at 10AM on Saturday, but I managed to find quieter places to take pictures. The park also has farmer's market on weekends.