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My Epic Road Trip

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  • 48:43
  • 3,016 mi
  • $491
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Created by Mark Slaughter - July 9th 2016

Our whirlwind tour

Perdido Key, Florida, United States

My wife Mary loves the beach and the Florida/Alabama coast is one of her favorite places to visit. There are so many awesome places to visit there and as long as it's sunny, she's happy.

548mi 08h 45m

Want to visit one more time before it gets too big. We like the rides and shows.

1388mi 21h 29m

Our oldest son, his wife, and our grandchild live here and we always have a great time in Boulder. Pearl Street is amazing, the mountains are amazing, and it's close to everything that central Colorado has to offer.

92mi 01h 49m

Our middle son lives here and we visit in the summer, usually for the July 4th celebration, and in the winter to ski.

987mi 16h 41m

Yosemite National Park, California, United States

I have never been but I've flown over it many, many times. I want to spend a couple of weeks there and hike every trail and experience every vista. This would be a check off on my bucket list.