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The Nature of the West

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Created by sharonsa - July 9th 2016

Hey guys, my name's Sharon! I'm known as the forest wanderer and for good reason. I'm always trying to find new plants, new bugs, maybe even new animals (shhh!) but most importantly, new views. There's not a single location that I favor but here's a really good guide to try and match up all the stunning locations that the west side mountains can offer you. Get your hiking boots on and your camera out!

18113 Upper Hoh Rd., Forks, WA, US

Hoh Rain Forest

Don't underestimate the name they chose for this park. Though it's not the amazon, you can still find yourself in a completely mystical forest where you might feel that there are fairies hiding behind all the green leaves! It's a stunning location to leave behind reality and immerse yourself into a world of green hues. Best in the summer as well.

Photo of Mount Rainier National Park

55210 238th Avenue East, Ashford, WA, US

Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier is an absolute gem. The closest thing I can relate it to would be going into Switzerland's heart. As soon as you're in the park's territory, evergreen trees will swallow your views and as long as you're okay with a beautiful view of the mountain, I can guarantee you'll have a smile on your face.

Photo of Mount St Helens Visitor Center

3029 Spirit Lake Highway, Castle Rock, WA, US

Mount St Helens Visitor Center

Personally, back in high school, I did this project on Mt. St. Helen and I've always wanted to go see the mountain for myself. If you know nothing about this particular volcano, I highly suggest you check out their center because volcanoes such as these contain a heavy amount of information. It's a stunning view, and bonus, you get to see the before and after photos of Helen, and who doesn't want to see that in real life?

Ecola Rd, Cannon Beach, OR, US

Cannon Beach

Finally, just to hit it back and relax, we HAVE to go see a beach. It's a tradition if you're in the west coast. You can see a beautiful horizon of the Pacific and a splash of blue in your world. It's stunning during the sunsets as all beaches are. But something about this with a backdrop of your own favorite playlist, is completely soothing.

1642 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR, US

See See Motor Coffee Co

Lastly, going to Portland to just step back into that city life. I work in a coffee shop and I've always been interested in the different strands of coffee beans there are all across the world. A highly rated coffee shop like this is a must see at least once! It's a nice way to break from the long road trip and another way to energize for the next one!

Hopefully, you've got to see a glimpse of my world and how I've fallen in love with all these locations. Now it's a matter of making your own trip and finding inspiration before, during, and after the road. Go balter, my friend. x