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My Epic Road Trip

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  • 34:33
  • 2,090 mi
  • $340
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Created by sydney.welling - July 9th 2016

Ouray, Colorado, United States

Ouray, Colorado is a quaint little town in the Rocky Mountains. It is away from big cities like Denver and Colorado Springs and it is just as beautiful! There are hikes, natural hot springs, small shops, yummy restaurants, and some of the nicest locals I've ever met! Nowhere in the United States beats the view from this wonderful town.

729mi 12h 14m

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United States


One of the most unique National Parks in the country, Yellowstone is home to hundreds of species of wildlife. Some say it may be overrated, but that is untrue! Wild bison, Mule Deer, geese, elk all call Yellowstone their home. If you love wildlife and nature, Yellowstone should definitely be on your bucket list!

661mi 10h 43m

Zion National Park, Utah, United States


Zion National Park is one of the most beautiful National Parks. The rock formations and colors of the plant life and mountains just make it absolutely epic. One perk of Zion, is the fact that you can camp right inside the Park or there are several campgrounds and hotels right outside the gates where you can still enjoy the beauty of it. Sunrise and sunset are some of the best times to capture perfect photographs because of the wonderful colors. You can go rock climbing, hiking, rafting, and camping.

Yosemite National Park, California, United States

One of the most popular National Parks, Yosemite definitely deserves all the attention it gets. The colors and spectacular views are probably some of the best in the country. Nothing really beats the absolutely perfect photos you can capture from El Capitan right at sunset.

698mi 11h 36m

Dublin, California, United States

Dublin, CA definitely lives up to it's Irish name! The hills are green, everyone is nice, and there are cows and wild turkeys everywhere. Driving through Dublin, you would think you stepped inside of Ireland itself!