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My Epic Road Trip

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  • 10:07
  • 576 mi
  • $95
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Created by Beth Cackowski - July 9th 2016

I took this road trip by myself in 2011. It was the most beautiful trip I've ever taken.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United States

This was my first time in Yellowstone. It's like another planet with the thermal pools and bubbling mud. I was run off the road by a bison. I have been dreaming about going back ever since.

117mi 02h 28m

A cool Wyoming town complete with a main street strip, cute shops and real cowboys.

310mi 05h 12m

Devils Tower, Wyoming, United States


Bizarre and beautiful.

106mi 01h 43m

Mount Rushmore, the Badlands, Wall Drug and Bear Country were the highlights.

41mi 00h 44m

A bit cheesy but an entertaining main strip.