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My Epic Road Trip

Canada EH!

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Created by kaila65 - July 5th 2016

Saint-Cyprien, Quebec, Canada

This small town where I grew up is very welcoming and beautiful. It's where I tasted the best maple syrup eh! :)

Québec, Quebec, Canada

there are so many things to explore and see in Quebec, starting with Le Chateau Frontenac ! Lots of history and fun.

People who live in this city find it boring. I find it very special and there is always something to do, whether it is a festival that is going on, or just discovering all the beautiful parts of this city!

Banff, Alberta, Canada

Best place to go snowboard! if you like the mountains, go on and ride them ! They're amazing... the view, also is quite stunning :)

Photo of Chateau Jasper

96 Geikie St, AB, CA

Chateau Jasper


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Jasper is a beautiful place to stay at. this hotel is very welcoming and great. the wildlife and amazing people are not quite done surprising you !