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National Parks & Monuments!

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Created by IsabelWilliams - July 5th 2016

Our family set out to enjoy the beauty of Utah and Arizona and ended up seeing so much more. 1900 miles driven, 35 miles walked/hiked, 3 States, 4 hotels, a mini log cabin, 3 beautiful National parks, 7 National Monuments, 11 Jr Ranger badges and 3 trips to Cracker Barrel. So much fun!

Photo of Zion National Park

Zion National Park, Springdale, UT, US

Zion National Park

86mi 01h 45m

Our girls were finally old enough and keep up on hikes, so we thought Zion would be a great place to visit. We were not disappointed. It is such a beautiful place! We hiked the Emerald pools, had some ice cream in front of the Lodge, and hiked the amazing narrows!

150mi 02h 43m
Photo of Carl Hayden Visitor Center, Glen Canyon Dam

Hwy 89 at Glen Canyon Dam, Page, AZ, US

Carl Hayden Visitor Center, Glen Canyon Dam


Bryce Canyon was our next stop. After a quick stop into the visitor center, where we picked up some jr ranger booklets, we were on our way to hike the hoodoos. The colors were amazing and the skies were so blue. We hiked down wall street and through the Queens garden trail. We were in awe of the beauty and glad we added it to our itinerary!

3mi 00h 09m

Page, Page, AZ, US

Antelope Lower Canyon


Had some extra time before our Antelope Canyon tour, so we went to the Carly Hayden Visitor Center. Lake Powell and the Dam was so beautiful. Of course our girls wanted to do the Jr Ranger program too, and ended up earning the Glen Canyon & rainbow bridge badges!

5mi 00h 09m
Photo of Horseshoe Bend

Highway 89, Page, AZ, US

Horseshoe Bend


Took one of the tours of the Lower Canyon. Words cant describe this awe inspiring place. It was so amazing and it all looked fake.

196mi 03h 20m
Photo of Tuzigoot National Monument

25 Tuzigoot Rd, Clarkdale, AZ, US

Tuzigoot National Monument


Just a quick little hike out to see this beautiful sight. We took a few pictures and admired how gorgeous it was!

22mi 00h 34m

2800 Montezuma Castle Hwy, Camp Verde, AZ, US

Montezuma Castle National Monument


On our way back home we drove through and stopped at the Petrified national forest. The girls earned their Jr ranger badges and we saw some really cool things we would of never of stopped to look at. The blue Mesa is so pretty, and the painted desert was so calming and peaceful.

64mi 01h 11m
Photo of Walnut Canyon National Monument

3 Walnut Canyon Road, Flagstaff, AZ, US

Walnut Canyon National Monument


This place was really interesting but the Jr Ranger badge was a lot of work. My girls enjoyed it, but it was defiantly our longest time spend at a monument.

107mi 01h 39m

Petrified Forest Natl Pk, Arizona, United States


This little visitor center was so cute and had some great views. Its amazing to see the architecture from ancient times. We hung out here for a little while, learned some info and earned some jr ranger badges.

128mi 02h 06m

6400 N Us Highway 89, Flagstaff, AZ, US

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument


Our last stop before we headed home, complete our ranger badges for this area and earn the patch! This place was super cool!

17mi 00h 28m
Photo of Wupatki National Monument

Flagstaff, AZ, US

Wupatki National Monument

This place is so cool! On our quest for Jr ranger badges, we found this national monument and are so glad we did. My girls learned a lot and just thought it was one of the coolest things!

Another stop in completing our Jr ranger badge quest. The old ash/lava was so interesting.