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Created by bryville19 - July 2nd 2016

Lakeside, FL US

352mi 05h 23m

Left at 2am to avoid Atlanta traffic...

799mi 12h 18m

...that wasn't early enough.

500mi 07h 37m

Chamberlain, South Dakota, United States

Dinner at Oklahoma Joe's BBQ, the most renowned place to eat in the BBQ capitol.

283mi 06h 01m

Badlands, South Dakota, United States

The real gateway to the west. Everything changes when you cross the river.

140mi 03h 56m

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, United States

The most beautiful park I have been to. No matter how good the photos you see are, they do not do justice to the Badlands.

49mi 01h 03m

So much to see in one little corner of South Dakota.

73mi 01h 16m

Devils Tower, Wyoming, United States

A fun town with so much history.

168mi 02h 51m

Bowman, North Dakota, United States

Amazing how far away you can be and still see this wonder.

613mi 09h 39m

A small town oasis in the middle of miles of road.

477mi 07h 47m

The most beautiful part of the country.

173mi 02h 49m

Ballpark # 1 of the trip, and time to make a left.

329mi 05h 53m

Beautiful snow-capped mountains, and lunch with an old friend.

469mi 08h 06m

A crazy drive through the hills ends up at the Pacific.

356mi 06h 07m

Hugging the coast, through the Redwoods and San Francisco, ending here for the night.

370mi 05h 54m

Awoke to the Lone Cyprus, and ended watching the sun disappear into the Pacific.

117mi 02h 03m

Ballpark #2, and a great burger for lunch.

87mi 01h 40m

If you're going to take the long way, take this way.

221mi 03h 45m
Four Corners Monument

Located at the Junction of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico, NM, US

Four Corners Monument


Standin' on the corner in Winslow, Arizona.

275mi 05h 01m

Standin' in four states, at the same time!

8500 miles, 27 states, 15 days. Time to get home!