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My Epic Road Trip

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Created by alanakoster - July 2nd 2016

Scenic California Roadtrip

Los Angeles is home. My favorite thing to do is to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway to the beaches of Malibu, and then down to Santa Monica to walk on the pier or have dinner at one of the many restaurants in Glendale. A trip to LA is not worthwhile unless it includes a stop at the infamous Hollywood sign, and also the Griffith observatory. More offbeat attractions include the old abandoned zoo, or more exciting options such as Disneyland, Universal Studios, or a 45minute drive to Six Flags.

307mi 05h 26m

Big Sur, California, United States


Big Sur is beautiful and perfect for a day trip, or camping. The abundance of trees leads to a feeling of isolation and unity with nature. Near Big Sur, there is Pfeiffer beach, a hidden beach with purple sand. There is also a short hike to McWay Falls, which is one of the most breathtaking views I've seen in my life.

141mi 02h 35m

San Fransisco is a must see for anyone. From the unique architecture to the variety of food, visiting SF is always a pleasurable experience. Taking a walking tour through Chinatown to see the fortune cookie factory, and then walking past some of the oldest churches in California, and Coit tower, and then taking the trolley back to the bay and indulging at Ghirardelli square. Even if you just went for the clam chowder in a fresh sourdough bread bowl, it would be worth the visit.

13mi 00h 24m

Muir Woods, California, United States

192mi 03h 21m

South Lake Tahoe is great in the winter or summer. The winter offers unparalleled ski and snowboarding slopes, with a bunch of local restaurants with hot cocoa to warm you up. The summer offers a beautiful, almost transparent lake for water sports, and an abundance of hiking trails with breathtaking views that any photographer or nature lover would want to experience.

177mi 03h 29m

Bishop, California, United States


Bishop is a great pitstop between Tahoe and Los Angeles. An absolute must is to pop in to Schat's Bakery for wonderful food and deserts, plus a loaf of sourdough for the road. There are also several places to get jerky that takes better than anything else I've ever had. Also stop in at the Bodie state park ghost town for something a little different.

266mi 04h 28m

And then, of course, ending in Los Angeles to wind down after the road trip.

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

After getting home and there is the desire to still adventure and explore, a trip to Hawaii wouldn't hurt ;)