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Northeast Lighthouse Road Trip!

7 Northeast lighthouses where you can spend the night

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Created by Roadtrippers - June 8th 2016

Planning an East Coast trip to the beach? Go full sail on the nautical theme and consider a stay in one of these quaint and cozy lighthouses. They're packed full of history, and since they're all literally right on the coast, you're guaranteed panoramic Atlantic ocean views and a super short walk to the beach. Here are 7 historic lighthouses where you can spend the night-- just remember to leave the light on!

Photo of HI-Tibbetts Point Lighthouse

33439 County Route 6, Cape Vincent, NY, US

HI-Tibbetts Point Lighthouse


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Tibbetts Point Lighthouse: This lighthouse has been converted into the world's classiest youth hostel! You can even use the telescope to get the most mind-blowingly gorgeous views of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. The adorable little town of Cape Vincent is close to lots of other attractions in the area, like the lovely Boldt Castle and, of course, other lighthouses.

248mi 04h 30m
Photo of Saugerties Lighthouse

Lighthouse Drive, Saugerties, NY, US

Saugerties Lighthouse


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Saugerties Lighthouse: Enterting this Hudson River lighthouse is like stepping back in time. There are two rooms in this quaint little B&B, both of which are furnished with simple, rustic antiques. There's a museum right downstairs, so it's no surprise that the whole place feels like it was frozen in time. Imagine spending an afternoon in the lighthouse's parlor with the windows open and a good book-- sounds like the perfect getaway!

132mi 02h 53m

Long Island Sound, Sands Point, NY, US

Execution Rocks Lighthouse


Execution Rocks Lighthouse: This overnight stay is not for the faint of heart! Besides the gruesome name (which apparently is from the pre-Colonial days when the British would execute people by drowning after chaining them to the rocks at high ride), the victims of serial killer Carl Panzram were allegedly found here. The result is rampant rumors that the place is haunted; if you're brave enough, you can stay the night and decide for yourself!

182mi 03h 59m

365 Thames St, Newport, RI, US

Rose Island


Rose Island: If you're really looking to get away from it all, then this is the lighthouse for you! Other than an abandoned WWII-era torpedo station, the lighthouse is the only other thing on the island. The craziest part is that you, the visitor, can actually operate the light. If you choose to take on the job, you can donate your time to the worthy cause of restoring/working the lighthouse...but don't worry-- you'll still have tons of downtime, so you can actually finish that book you've been meaning to read.

63mi 01h 28m

1 Lighthouse Ln, Pocasset, MA, US

Wings Neck Lighthouse


Wings Neck Lighthouse: It doesn't get more New England than this classic lighthouse! Just imagine corssing the breezeway from the keeper's house to the tower, then going up the mahogany spiral staircase and ladder to emerge in the all-glass room for panoramic views of the coast. The place also has a private beach for sunbathing, sandcastle-building and swimming-- all the things required for a perfect vacation!

74mi 01h 48m
Photo of Race Point Light

1 Race Point Rd, Provincetown, MA, US

Race Point Light


Race Point Light: There are two properties to rent at this Cape Cod lighthouse. The Keeper's House, with its adorable mid-century charm, makes for an adorable coastal escape. There's also the Whistler House, which is reached by a scenic drive down the beach-- look for seals and whales along the way! And don't worry about the light-- it's been automated (and is wind/solar powered!)

290mi 05h 44m
Photo of Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

3115 Bristol Rd, Pemaquid, ME, US

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse: If this Maine landmark looks familiar to you, that's probably because you've seen it on Maine's state quarter. The whole property is a gorgeous park on the dramatic, rocky coast, and there's a museum, art gallery, and tons of nature to explore. Even awesomer, you can rent out the Keeper's House for your vacation! It was built in 1857, and it's still got that adorable old-timey charm--just look at that white picket fence!


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